My Top Reads of 2020

BELLA’S BOYS made a top 10 list for 2020! Thank you, Voracious Gnome!

The Voracious Gnome

It’s that time of year when we all sit back and reflect on what we read this past year! I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to 2021! I am hearing about lots of great releases coming, so I have cleared out some shelves for books! It is never easy to pick just 10 books that I felt were really great, but I did. I really enjoyed these books and I think you will too! Go check them out! So here they are in no specific order, my top reads of 2020.

A Murder of Saints- by Chris Miller

Blood Awakening- by Ian Woodhead

Patchwork- by Desiree Byars

Reception- by Kenzie Jennings

The Magpie Coffin- by Wile E. Young

Bella’s Boys- by Thomas R. Clark

Blackwood Estates- by William Holloway

War of Dictates- by John Baltisberger

Cursed- by Richard Schiver

Twisted Mirrors- The Edge of Reflection 1-…

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Bella’s Boys by Thomas R. Clark

This was my favorite review of BELLA’S BOYS, from The Voracious Gnome, of course!

The Voracious Gnome

Corey Collins is a young man who is the lead singer in his local band. While participating in Karaoke at the local dive bar, he meets Bella and is awestruck by her beauty. While he thinks he is putting on the charm to take Bella home, she already has him right where she wants him. Corey is living every man’s dream…a beautiful woman…endless sexual escapades and fantasies….voices in his subconscious..what?! Local Native American legends speak of an evil Demon Snow and Ice Goddess. A massive storm is coming that will drop multiple feet of snow and wreak havoc on the small lake town. The storm has triggered the awakening of the Goddess and it’s time to feed to ensure her survival!

Bella’s Boys is a cosmic creature feature that does not disappoint! Thomas Clark has the skill to build up the suspense, drop in some eroticism, then rip off the…

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Good Boy by Thomas R. Clark

Here’s The Voracious Gnome’s review of GOOD BOY…

The Voracious Gnome

I had no idea what this book was about when I got it. I saw the dog on the front cover and read the title stating it was a survival story. This book is about a dog’s survival after an apocalyptic event. Zombies are in the story, but most of the focus is on the dog which made it really intriguing. The illustrations in the book help a lot with the visualization. They go perfectly with this story.

The world will never be the same again. A deadly pathogen has infected almost every living animal on the planet. The story is told from the perspective of a dog. It is a story of his survival and fight to save his canine family and friends that were other pets in the home. Thomas Clark did a fantastic job getting us to that point of view. He incorporated multiple commands and do’s/don’ts…

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The Death List by Thomas R. Clark

The Voracious Gnome read THE DEATH LIST and this is what she had to say!

The Voracious Gnome

This is an amazing debut novel by Thomas R. Clark. The novel is a peek into the mind of someone working out how to commit suicide because his life no longer has meaning. Clark has found a way to weave a tale that has ample sarcasm, brutal terror, and dread while keeping the subject of suicide in the background as the story unfolds. The power of this story is more meaningful to me after reading the Acknowledgements section at the end of the novel. Clark takes us through several dynamic emotions; to the edge of darkness and back. There is a powerful message in this story that everyone should read. Clark also reminds us that we each have a role in helping our friends that struggle with their inner demons and that there is help if they reach for it.

Ronnie Dark is a washed up rock star. His band…

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