31 Days of Horror Movies

This month is the month of horror films. And I’m going to give you a list of horror films to watch this month, 31 of them … my favorite horror movies of all time … in no particular order. These are movies that have spoken to me in some manner and influenced the way I write.

1 The Endless

2 Prophecy

3 Near Dark

4 The Blair Witch Project

5 The Thing

6 The Crow

7 Aliens

8 The Exorcist

9 Jaws

10 Alien

11 The Howling

12 Predator

13 Frailty

14 The Ring

15 Halloween

16 The Last Man on Earth

17 The Believers

18 Doctor Sleep

19 The Shining

20 Seven

21 The Guest

22 Jacob’s Ladder

23 The Descent

24 Life Force

25 An American Werewolf In London

26 Bram Stoker’s Dracula

27 Night of the Living Dead

28 Trilogy of Terror

29 Let the Right One In

30 It Follows

31 Pumpkinhead

Take one a day for the month of October, dear readers.

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