I’m proud to be associated with Stitched Smile Publications. They’re the second publisher I’ve worked with in my short career, and they’re a close family of writers. They’ve scaled back their releases in 2020, but it didn’t stopped the team from putting together a fantastic horror-centric magazine, HOUSE OF STITCHED.

It hasn’t been without growing pangs. Covid and the concellations. Yeah, we were going to have it out by Halloween. It missed the date. Yeah, it was initially going to be just a digital release, then demand made paper. At one point this was to be a straight forward fiction collection, featuring SSP authors. The story I contributed, PREY FOR CHANGE, landed in BELLA’S BOYS when the focus shifted.

Some of you know I developed my voice writing journalism. When I was asked to contribute to this, I jumped at the opportunity to return to my roots. I have a distinct style and approach to writing op/ed pieces and reviews. For this publication, I’ve contributed two articles. Both focus on vampires! What We Do In The Shadows, and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

You can get your copy of HOUSE OF STITCHED HERE.

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