The Wicker Man meets Cycle of the Werewolf in “Fireflies And Apple Pies”

I’ve lived in Central New York most of my adult life. I love it here. The history is as rich as the soil, steeped in a diversity of cultures. The folklore is deeper than a bottomless glacial lake, and often as terrifying. My family ancestry is Irish and English, and we are not afraid to let you know. So it was only a matter of time before I blended the three in my fiction. The end result is coming out this summer. 

In July, St. Rooster Books will be releasing my fifth book, and second novel length piece of fiction, Fireflies And Apple Pies. It blends elements of extreme and folk horror, with a little A24 cottagecore and re-imagined Irish Myth thrown in for good measure. 

The book features a collaboration between myself and the Darque Bard, James Matthew Byers. I’m happy to reveal the cover of the book here, for your viewing pleasure:

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