The second issue of House of Stitched Magazine is available for your reading pleasure. You can get it here on magcloud

We put a ton of work into this one, and it was worth the wait. Lisa talked to Larry Elmore, the man who established how we visually perceive Dungeons and Dragons. Jonathan Maberry chats with Donelle about his career. Those are just the tip of this issue. 

I remind you why Nancy A. Collins’ Sunglasses After Dark is so awesome, and how she tapped into the zeitgeist of Urban Fantasy at the right place and time, essentially creating the genre.

I love THE STAND, and explain why it’s America’s Lord of the Rings. Is it Horror? Is it Fantasy? Is it a good TV miniseries? I’ll touch on all of these points in my op/ed.

And I start a new monthly column, ROOTS OF APATHY: The Origins of Cosmic Horror. The first focuses on Robert E. Howard’s cosmic horror in HP Lovecraft’s sandbox, and I talk to Curt Lawson for some expertise on the subject. 

This explains why my blogging presence hasn’t been as prominent, not that I’ve ever been consistent with it to begin with. With life happening, I often have to make a choice: write a blog post… or a magazine article? So, for the time being, I’ll be reserving my op/ed reviews and commentaries for House of Stitched only. 

And just wait and see what we have in store for you with issue 3 in August!

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