Giving a book a title that resonates with the readers is often more difficult than writing the story. Let’s take THE DEATH LIST, for example. My previous book’s working title was EPIC FAIL, and it remained that title until about a month before the release. And my next book, coming out in July, is no different.

As many of you already know, the working title was shared with the book’s opening section: Fireflies And Apple Pies. I’ve even promoted the book as having that title.

Then Lynne Hansen came into the picture.  Lynne is a veteran cover artist, and her goal is to make sure that the cover sells your book. The cover I acquired from her, will indeed sell books. But not with the title I first envisioned.   

So after heavy deliberation… and I discussed this with my publisher (St. Rooster Books), my mentors, and peers – I’ve decided to change the title to a catchphrase readers of the book will find gives them shivers. 


This title says horror or supernatural much more than Fireflies and Apple Pies.

And here is Lynne Hansen’s wonderful cover portrait, which is the ending scene of Part II, Dogs Don’t Lie.  

I’ll be truthful. I didn’t commission the art. Lynne offered it as the desktop calendar this month to her fan club. When I saw the scene from my book on the cover, I had to have it.

The god does, indeed, provide.  

What do you all think?  Did I make the right choice?

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