New Releases with Catch Up (No Pickles)

Happy belated Thanksgiving, friends! I’ve been away from my blog for good reason. I went back to driving for rideshare during the day. This has helped get me focused and add some structure to my life. Commitments to House of Stitched magazine and my desire to finish my current WIP, SUMMERHOME, have prevented me from playing around here. But a few pretty big things have happened, so let’s play catch up, shall we?

First and foremost, the audio book of THE GOD PROVIDES is now available for purchase on Audible and in iTunes. It’s narrated by Broadway vet Mia Moravis and is a treat to listen to!

Part 3 of my ongoing series on the origins of Cosmic Horror, ROOTS OF APATHY will appear in the Winter issue of HOUSE OF STITCHED, along with an interview I had with one of my teachers, Garrett Cook, on mentoring. I talk to Mary San Giovanni and Garret about Robert Bloch and how his relationship with Lovecraft molded him. Speaking of Cosmic Horror, my Cosmic Horror/Ghost-story mash up, WHAT FRAGILE BEINGS ARE WE, will appear in Issue 4 of Stranger With Friction.

All of my books – GOOD BOY, BELLA’S BOYS, THE DEATH LIST and THE GOD PROVIDES are now available on GODLESS in digital form only. On Friday 12/3/21, my Holiday short story, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, will be available as a GODLESS exclusive. Here’s a peek at the new cover art:

Back in October short fiction from me appeared in half a dozen outlets. My short story SIN RAFFLE appeared in Stranger With Friction issue 3. My story THE HATE BOX IN HER HEART was published in NO ANESTHETIC from Splatter Ink Press. Another short story, AGAINST THE GRAIN appeared in the Staff Edition of House of Stitched Magazine. Crimson Pinnacle Press put out TWISTED LEGENDS, and that features YETI SHIT BLUES. And the third BOOKS OF HORROR group anthology’s second volume has HEARTS ALONE. And then I put FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME up as a GODLESS exclusive. You can find all of these great releases on Amazon in all formats and GODLESS in digital only! I’ll also be selling them at the Creepy Christmas on December 11th at the TK Tavern in Camillus, NY.

All of these stories were earmarked for my second shorts collection IMMORAL DILEMMAS… which has been put off until 2022… for obvious reasons. 

art by James P. McCampbell

You can buy Holiday Horror Bundles from me, too!!! They’re $45 (with shipping) and include copies of STRANGER WITH FRICTION ISSUE 2, TWISTED LEGENDS, NO ANESTHETIC, and your choice of THE GOD PROVIDES, THE DEATH LIST or BELLA’S BOYS in hard cover. But that’s not all. You get a nifty THE GOD PROVIDES themed keychain (Custom made by Blue Star Chain Maille), a set of THOMAS R CLARK cover stickers, a THE GOD PROVIDES magnet and a couple other surprises. It’s an $80 value for almost half off retail!

My WIP, SUMMERHOME, is nearly finished and will be the longest single story narrative in my library. I’ve procured a cover from the wonderful Lynne Hansen, and I’ll be revealing it closer to the release of the book, which I’ve projected for March. Still not sure if I will give this to SSP, SRB or perhaps shop it elsewhere. Regardless of how it comes out, at the very least advanced reader copies will be ready for Scares That Care’s AuthorCon in April.

Until next time… BLESSED BE!

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