The End of an Era?

This week Scott Groverston, Walter Ball, Dan Roberts, Skip Novak and myself are gathering as we have every week for the last seven years. At this time, we’re recording the 425th chapter of The Necrocasticon Podcast. It’s also our last chapter as weekly show. What? The Necrocasticon is done?  No, it’s not done. Not at all. Fear not, Necrocasticfans, the Necrocasticon isn’t going away, it’s evolving.

Since its debut in May of 2015, the podcast has grown from its original mission statement, wherein we would discuss heavy metal and horror properties with a common connection. Born out of a podcast idea I proposed to Billy Donnely at This Is Infamous. He turned it down and the then Project iRadio took us on. Walter and I recruited Scott and Azriel Mordecai respectively to flush out our panel of experts. Since then, we’ve expanded, to include a side project with Skip Novak debunking conspiracy theories (You’ve Got To Be Kidding), and grown into covering pop culture that appeals to the panel. We’ve spoken to members of the horror community, the heavy metal community, and beyond. Incredible bands like Night Demon, Savage Master, and A Sound of Thunder. And stars in the communities like Andrew Sensinig, Biff Byford, Kyle Shutt, Andy Dowling, Albert Bouchard, Brain fucking Keene, Craig Spector, Jeffery Reddick, and the always fun and controversial Solon Tsangaras. We’ve eulogized far too many of our idols in metal and horror, from Lemmy to Wes Craven (and we always called Armand Rosamilia in for our Death Shows!). 

Over the last eight years we’ve seen a great deal of personal growth with members of the panel. I’ve grown as an author and journalist, and the half dozen books I’ve seen published are a testimony to that. Scott has expanded into streaming on You Tube and twitch. Walter has returned to college to get his teaching degree. Dan is now a retired pro wrestler, a Spartan runner, and personal trainer. Skip also returned to college, and is one of the best line editors in the indy horror community, not to mention his prose is excellent.  

Technology and how people receive their choices of entertainment has also evolved. Facebook is the old people’s app. Tik Tok is king. And as a result of all this positive progression, the Necrocasticon, too is changing. After chapter #425, our yearly “Best of” show, we’re taking the rest of the year off as we rebuild the Necrocasticon. In 2023, it will come back as a monthly offering, returning to our original roots- discovering the connection between a metal and horror property. We’re doing away with the round table discussions and interviews to focus on knowledge and trivia points related to the relevant topics. There will be no more interviews with the community, I regret, but that doesn’t eliminate guest panelist appearances.

The new format will be on video and audio, with a documentary style look and feel. We’ll be utilizing You Tube, Twitch, and Tik Tok more than before, focusing on them as our outlets. But this won’t be our only content. We’ll be having live production meetings on Twitch, for example, and we will still air in audio-only formats through your traditional means of listening to podcasts. 

Thank you Az, Jason, and Liz- as well as Walt’s daughter Cecelia and our Curtain Jerker’s brethren, Steve Mesa- for all your contributions. We want to thank all of our listeners from over the years for staying with us and hope you stick around as we transition into our new format. Special thanks to Armand Rosamilia for keeping the dream alive for as long as he did with Project Entertainment Network, and sponsoring us for as long as he did. When asked about his feelings on this, he replied “Did somebody die? Beaches.” Well maybe I’m making that up… but then again?

So enjoy the next couple weeks of the show, sit back with us while we take a break, and come back next year with a fresh approach!

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